Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation

Of course, the traditional family photo!

Jayna looked so much more grown up and smarter after this year! She was very proud of herself!

Jayna and her very favorite teacher, Mrs. Firenze!

This is one of Jayna's good friends, Katie!

The night was made very special by having Grandma Hess, Uncle Sep, Aunt Allison, Tucker, Grandpa Gene and Grandma Ellie all in attendance! Thank you for making Jayna feel so important!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ann Arbor

Okay, Aaron is working lots of hours these days, so I am attempting to teach myself how to do this. I will do this entry without pictures, and then try to do some entries with pictures later because we have lots to share. Jayna is sitting here helping me do this. Here is how our visit to Ann Arbor went on Friday:

They were very pleased with Autumn's lab work/levels. She seems to be maintaining healthy levels with her iron, potassium, phosphorus, bicarb, etc. They also were happy that she is still growing. She is in the 5th percentile for height and 10th for her weight. They have decided that she has inherited her mom's genetics for growth and just will be a smaller girl. As long as she continues on this curve we are good. They are going to watch her blood pressure, as it was high again. Also, they believe she has polyuria. This is the production of excessive urine, which is not surprising for her kidney issues. That is why her urine is so diluted and why she is getting up so often in the night...she is super thirsty. We just have to work hard at keeping her hydrated to help this situation. They are also rechecking her protein levels in her urine because they feel they didn't get a good test due to the dilution level. Other than that, we don't have to go back again until December, unless there is a problem that can't be fixed over the phone!!!! They will do an ultrasound at that time to see how her kidneys are functioning. I hope I have covered it all. Jayna has a closing comment, and then we'll see how this posts.

I love Sissy and I like to play with her and I love Mom and Dad.