Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Pictures

Be looking for a few more pictures from the benefit dinner night. I am not able to upload any more pictures for some reason tonight. Also, be looking for information this week for a blood drive that a very kind high school girl (Katie) is putting on in honor of Autumn on March 8th in Coleman. We would love to see so many of you out there that day trying to give blood. There are so many people who have such a great need, but more on that later!! Have a great week!!

Benefit Dinner

As most of you know, some very kind people organized a benefit dinner to help Jen & I with the many expenses that we have incurred over these past few months. It was a very humbling time for our family. Another one of the many things that God has taught us over the last year. We knew that our need was great, and also knew the amount of joy that we have always had to give to others in need (who were we to deny others that same joy / blessing). We were overwhelmed by the love shown to us. I had heard that somewhere between 600 to 700 people came out for a bowl of soup on that freezing cold Wednesday night a few weeks ago. We were humbled and thankful for everyone who has continued to help us through this journey that the Lord has put us on. Here are a few pictures from that night with a special thank you to Bud & Rose and their crew (Becky, Rachel, Deb, Nettie, Mary, Paula, PS, etc. - I could go on and on and will forget many of the 30 to 40 people who helped out that night - THANK YOU!!!)

Sick Week

Autumn has been pretty sick this past week. Her doctors have been treating her very aggresively including many medicines / breathing treatments. Jen was saying today that she is on eight different types of medicine. We know that all of these things are going to help make her better. The biggest problem has been the amount of junk in her lungs, but with each day, she is continuing to get a little better. Jen wasn't able to work any last week, but is going to try to return to work on Monday. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and encouragement this week. Your kind words and help have been very helpful.
One of Autumn's medications had to be mixed with applesauce, so she got her first taste of any food other than breast milk this week. As any kid, she has a little trouble figuring out the whole concept, but is getting better every day!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Here are the videos from the past week - the first one of Jayna, Autumn & I singing happy birthday to Jen with the candles just a burning!!

This one is of Jayna & I playing in the wonderful snow tonight!! She bit the dust right after Jen stopped recording.


Here are a few pictures of us over the past couple of weeks. Be looking for a couple of videos also soon!! Jayna is growing and growing and here are a couple pictures of her with some of her very best friends.

These girls even came all the way from Chicago - Kaytlin & Talayah were two of Jayna's best friends all through daycare & preschool. They moved to Chicago this summer but were back around a couple of weekends ago. They had a ball just hanging out at the mall like only girls can!

Here are a couple of all three girls cuddling for Jen's birthday and one of them reading books on the floor tonight!!

Autumn has found her thumb (which didn't surprise us, since Jayna still can't get rid of hers) - she is so funny trying to extend her thumb enough to get it in her mouth.