Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jayna's 7th Birthday

I can't believe it, Jayna turned 7 last Monday, July 21st. Time is going way too fast, and she is growing into a very beautiful girl. She is so smart and has a wonderful passion for life. Jayna has a super kind heart. She often thinks of ways to make people feel better when they are down. We love this girl and feel so blessed to have her as our first daughter.
She picked a theme of Hello Kitty. Ms. Donna made this beautiful cake to look exactly the way Jayna wanted it to. It tasted wonderful as well. Thanks Ms. Donna!
Uncle Sep, Aunt Allison, Tucker and Toby got Jayna this fun singing card. The kids went wild whenever they heard "Who let the dogs out..." It was so funny. Jayna got many sweet and kind cards for her birthday. Thank you everyone who thought of her.
Jayna picked a friend to go to the beach with us this year. Katie agreed to spend the day with her. These two girls played so well together the whole day. What a great friendship! Thank you Katie for making Jayna's birthday super fun! (Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when we went to the beach, sorry. We had a lot of fun though.)
Jayna and Katie decided to have a beauty salon for the guys when they got out of work and came over. Louie and Sean were so very kind to participate. They also played a few games the girls made up. Thank you Louie and Sean for being so nice and playing along.
I think Sean was enjoying this way too much!!! Notice how Autumn had to get in the fun too. She loves playing with her sister and Sean.
We appreciate all who made Jayna's birthday so special. She really enjoyed her Hess family time on Friday. Then, the beach with Katie and the Messer family made for a wonderful birthday day. The evening was complete with the guys (Katie Bovee too) and Daddy for Chinese. She does have one more celebration with Grandpa and Grandma Shutes. What a blessed young lady. She has a lot of love from you all. Thank you so very much for loving her.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Congratulations Aaron

Aaron passed his master's exam and is now a master electrician! We are very proud of him! He works so hard everyday and definitely deserves this! We praise God for His faithfulness to Aaron! This is such a blessing for him! Way to go Aaron! We love you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have been trying to post about Jayna's 7th birthday, but I can't retrieve the pictures from out computer for some reason. I am sorry. I have a few posts to do, but each of them involve pictures. Maybe I can get it working this weekend. Aaron is going to have to look into this one. Keep checking, we will be back soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Newest Family Member

Meet Sean. He is our newly inherited son. While Sean has his own original family, he has decided to be a part of ours too. He says that since Aaron will never have a son of his own, then he will fill the role, and he does this quite well. He fits in perfectly. He and the girls even pick on each other like real siblings. (Notice he is wearing Jayna's pink hat in the picture...what a brother!) We love Sean! We also love his friends that hang out here. (Now Sean will feel like a full part of our family since he is on our blog.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July

4th of July was a busy day for us because we were running a garage sale at Grandma Hess'. We had a fun day, but really didn't feel like going anywhere after that, so we had our own little celebration at home. We had a campfire, where we roasted sausages and marshmallows. The kids had a ball playing together! Then, we had a great fireworks show thanks to Aaron and Sep. It was very nice night.
Look at this beautiful smile!
Tucker and Autumn each had their own ride. This cut down on the arguments.
Jayna loves playing with Tucker and Toby. Toby enjoyed the show very much. Here he is raising his hands in approval.
Autumn spent the whole time saying "all done." She voiced it and signed it. I think she thought this would make her point more known. At least she had her grandma for comforting.
Tucker and Jayna sure enjoyed the sparklers. It was fun to watch them!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Library Cards

Here they are, two sweet girls with their new library cards. They each got a book and are busy reading. We have lots more to share, so I will try to get to posting. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Days

O.K. here is my second attempt at this since I ruined our site with the last one. I am super blessed to be a teacher, so I get to spend my summer days with the girls. The first week was Jayna's surgery, as well as VBS in the evenings. The second week I had a class all day everyday (I need to take six credits this summer to keep my certificate.). Finally, this week seems as though we are starting our summer. I thought I would give you a glimpse into our fun days together.

On Monday, we had to go to the Dollar Store, flower shop and a friend's house. While at the Dollar Store, Autumn provided us with entertainment. I needed something on the top shelf and couldn't reach it of course, so I got a stool and stretched as far up as I could (no short jokes please). As I was doing this, I heard Autumn's little voice, "Caresul Mommy. Don't sall." I had to get down because Jayna and I were laughing hysterically. As you can see, she has heard this before...
Yesterday, Jayna had an appointment with the surgeon. She got her new orange, writable cast. She is super excited and wants everyone to sign it. She even had her Dad's Bible study guys all sign it last night. She is healing perfectly and will get her cast off for good on July 29th! Praise God for healing her! Also, yesterday afternoon we had the privilege of playing with Tucker and Toby while their mom got her hair cut. We had a super fun time!

Today, we are going to the library (if I can get this post done), so Jayna can get her own library card. Then, after lunch we are heading to Grandma Hess' to set up for our rummage sale. Come by on Friday if you would like some of Jayna and Taylor's yummy cookies and lemonade. Here is a picture of my beautiful reader...
*Sorry, Jenny. Your comment deleted when I deleted the last post. Thank you for your sweet message though.