Saturday, October 25, 2008

A House Divided

Victory for MSU!!! I just couldn't resist posting after our big win!! It has been awhile, and it feels soooo good. I am very sorry to the 5 Michigan fans I watched the game with. Aaron, Brownie, Katie, Jayna and Auti (and all my other Michigan friends/family)-we have switched spots for one year. I love you all even though we can't see eye to eye on this subject! To my fellow Sparties-GO GREEN!

I do have to say that it was really great to have Brownie home and hanging around again! Katie, it was fun to have you over too! We do miss Louie, but we know soon enough you will be home and hopefully over at least a couple of times to hang out. We miss you guys. For now, enjoy the college life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Ultimate Reason to Rake Leaves

Sunday was such a beautiful day! After our much needed and enjoyed Sunday naps, we went outside as a family and played! This is about the only reason I rake leaves. We had so much fun! Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. (Aaron was the man behind the lens, so he did not get in any of the pictures.)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Autumn's 2nd Birthday

Autumn turned two last Tuesday! What an amazing two years it has been. God has done so many wonderful things in this little girl's life! This young lady is often exploring and trying to figure out how things work. She enjoys reading and music/singing/dancing. She is full of energy and seems to love life. Dr. Juarbe said at her 2 year well check that she carries a 'don't feel sorry for me' attitude and is full of joy! I would have to agree. We praise God all the time for the blessing she and her sister are to us! God's plan is always perfect (even on the rough days)! Both of the girls were sick for Autumn's actual birthday, but we did manage to get in the family party the weekend before. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I also encourage you to thank God for your family today and the plan He has for them.
Here is a very HAPPY birthday girl!
She is trying really hard to read this card. Maybe in a couple of more years, Auti.
Tucker and Auti check out the new Mickey toy. This happens to be their very favorite character.
The birthday girl and her sister busy figuring out the new presents.
I am sure she made some sort of deep wish at this point. Grandpa Shutes is glad to help her reach her cake, while Jayna pats her on the back for encouragement.