Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Play Ball

Sisters Video

Jayna can make Autumn laugh like none other!! She will do anything to crack her sister up!!


No news is good news. I will strive to do better. Autumn is still continuing to heal - we went to Ann Arbor about a week ago. They are still fairly concerned about some of her levels (calcuim, protein in urine, potassium), but many of her other levels (BUN, creatinine) are doing very well. She is still healing and we are still thanking God for that. We are still walking by faith each and every day, knowing that God will give us the strength to accomplish anything that he has for us that day. We are truly looking forward to the end of flu season when Autumn's restrictions should be loosened. We are so looking forward to being able to share her and take her out in public. I plan to post a few pictures / videos of us over the past few weeks!! Much love to you all!!