Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break '08

Since Aaron was working out of town for Spring Break, us girls decided not to sit around the house and stare at each other all week. We packed up and went on a little trip. We spent the first night with Grandpa Shutes and Grandma Connie. After that fun, we picked up Grandpa Gene and Grandma Ellie and headed for Sandusky, Ohio. This is where we checked into a Great Wolf Lodge and had a BALL! The girls loved the water, all the activity, sleeping in a hotel, playing nonstop, etc. We also were able to meet up with some family in the area and enjoyed dinner with them, as well as some nice visiting time. It was so much fun, as you can see from the pictures.
Here is Autumn wondering a bit about the water.
She is starting to smile a bit here.
Now she is loving it for sure!
Jayna is quite a fish. It didn't take her long to get right into the water and cause a SPLASH!
Us girls really enjoyed our time together. It was great having Grandpa and Grandma with us too. (Grandpa didn't want us to post any pictures of him, so we honored it.)