Monday, February 25, 2008

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

We are praising God today! He has answered so many of our prayers the last few days, as He always does. As many of you know, we (like many families) have been battling illnesses this winter. Well, the very feared stomach flu hit Autumn last Wednesday. She spent a couple of days in the hospital and then came home Friday night. Saturday, she was still very sick. We decided to call the doctor on call and did exactly what he told us to do. Sunday, we had to wake her up. When we did, she was having trouble standing steady and was very clingy/lethargic. She didn't seem to be dehydrated, so we didn't know what could be wrong or what we should do. We cried out to God for some wisdom. We decided that we were supposed to call Ann Arbor. The kidney doctor told us to slowly give her some diluted formula with her medicine in it because she was probably low on some much needed medicine. He said if she didn't turn around by 6:00, she needed to go back to the ER. We did what he said and didn't see improvement until about 5:30, and then there was only a little perkiness in this little spitfire of a girl. All the while, prayers were lifted for her. At 7:00, Autumn crawled down the stairs on her own, played independently and even danced to the Hannah Montana song. PRAISE GOD! Only He is capable of turn-arounds like that!

I also was praying that God would spare the rest of us from having this horrible stomach virus. He answered that in our household, at least. (He must have known how spent I was after not sleeping for 2 days.) Unfortunately, Grandma Hess did have to endure the bug. We prayed fervently for her healing, and she has recovered!

God has also restored my health, as I was fighting a yucky sinus thing before our hospital stay, during the hospital stay and into Saturday. Miraculously Sunday it was all gone! Praise His name!

Autumn also acquired a sweet little friend in the hospital. This little red headed beauty was named Allison, which was easy for Autumn to say (hmmm, I wonder why). They both had the stomach flu and underlying issues, so it didn't hurt them to play together. They enjoyed each other so much. It was really nice to be able to get to know her parents. This helped the time pass by.

PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS AND ANSWERS TO PRAYER! Thanks for praying with us. We too pray for your families.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Rockin' Saturday

A couple of Saturdays ago, Jayna and Aaron went shopping in the morning. They came home with "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Guitar Hero" for the Wii. Here are a couple photos of them rocking out. Autumn even gets into the dancing. It is a super fun way to hang out as a family.
Who's got the best rhythm here?
Auti and Jayna are super dancers.
This is Aaron's favorite. He's really good at it too. It is fun to watch him.

After all this, Jayna and I had a very special evening together. Watch the video to see what we did. (The "hair" also came from Daddy/Daughter shopping time.)