Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's a Miracle!

One of Autumn's favorite songs goes like this: "It's a miracle just to know God is with us wherever we go. It's a miracle as big as can be that He made a miracle of me." She loves to sing this song, and I would say it is very fitting for this little girl.
We had our biannual visit to Ann Arbor last Friday. We started the day with her yearly ultrasound. Then, we visited the NICU staff since we had a few minutes. They couldn't believe how great she looked. Finally, we ended our visit with "Dr. Michelle" and her nutritionist, Katie.
Now, just a little reminder to those of you who have a memory like mine...due to some unexpected and crazy complications at birth Autumn lost 83% of her blood and had to be fully recesitated for 8 minutes. After a few hours, she was rushed to Ann Arbor where they realized her kidneys and liver "took a hit" and shut down from the blood loss. Her liver has regenerated completely. Her kidneys regained 25% of function and that is how the doctors thought they would remain, with eventual loss of that and a transplant someday.
At our last appointment in June, we were told that maybe Autumn's kidneys would just remain at 25% and possibly not get worse. That was great news!
At this appointment, the ultrasound showed that the kidneys have grown and there was fluid flowing through them for the first time!!! They have improved, something that wasn't supposed to happen! Not only that, but the doctors were super impressed with her overall physical growth for the first time ever! Also, her potassium was low (which never happens in kidney patients), so she can now have a small amount of certain foods that she has never had before (potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc.)! WOW! PRAISE GOD! IT'S A MIRACLE!
Now, there were a couple of things that were off a bit: her blood pressure has been running a little higher than they would like, her protein was a bit high and her iron was a bit low. These involved small tweeks in her medication, nothing huge. Also, the ultrasound showed what they thought was a kidney stone, but the doctor said that we were not going there until there was a problem.
So, she still does have kidney disease, but God has done some unexplianable healing in this little girl! I love it when He works like this and the credit can only go to Him! Science and medicine are great, but He is the ultimate physician! Glory be to God!
Thanks for all your prayers over these last two years! Please continue to love Him, serve Him and call out to Him. Enjoy this wonderful season! I know we are! (Especially these snow days...that is how I have time to post this great news!) We love you all!