Friday, September 26, 2008

Time With The Cousins

Sorry about the lack of posts. We are full swing into our fall schedule, so blogging is something I now have to squeeze in. I do have things to share, so be patient and keeping checking in. I thought I would start with these little cuties. We got the pleasure of watching our nephews, Tucker and Toby a couple of times this summer. Here are some photos from the fun that was had on those days.
Autumn and Tucker each drawing on their seperate boards. Right before this there was a little dispute about whose was whose, but they worked it out and even decided to share a couch!
I think this shows Autumn's territorial side a bit. Toby is being his cute little self, and Autumn has all her toys gathered in her hand because she is sure he's about to take one. I wish sharing came more natural.
I had to take this picture to prove that they were all fed...safely and at the same time. I think this was the quietest part of the day. :)
This was such a cute moment. These two were having a sort of counseling session. Okay, maybe it was just a chat.
They ended their time together cuddling on the couch with their babies. They had just woke up from their naps and wanted their blankies and babies. What sweethearts!

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of School

Well, we are back to school and have been for two weeks. That is why there hasn't been a post in awhile. Evenings are fast and furious. We try to pack in a whole day of family time into a few hours. After the girls go to bed, chores are done and then it is pretty much bedtime for Dad and Mom. The morning comes and the next day is underway. Be patient with us, we will still share our lives, it just may take a bit to get to it.
Jayna began her 2nd grade adventure this year. So far she loves it. She is working very hard on her homework, her Accelerated Reading, her spelling words and her math facts at home. Many of her friends are in the same classroom, so that makes for a happy girl. Not to mention, she really likes Mrs. Zimmerman. Here are a few pictures that were taken before she left for school that morning. (Thanks Grandma and Aunt Allison!) I wasn't there because I was starting my 1st day of school for the 28th time, so I am adding my own commentary to these pictures. I probably have it all wrong, but let's have some fun...
Riley, Autumn and Jayna are excited about their first day. Wait a minute...Auti you can't go to school yet.
Jayna posing for a beautiful picture in her new clothes and backpack. She is all about posing and always has been! What a beautiful creation of God!
"Look, Sissy, here comes the bus."-Jayna
"Goodbye, Sissy. I love you. Be good and learn a lot."-Autumn
Jayna and Riley boarding the bus.
"What, you're really going to leave us here alone?"-Grandma and Auti
"See ya folks! I'm otta here!"-Jayna
"There's no place like Grandma's after school!"-Jayna